It’s no secret that the best parties are during the summer, and it's also no secret that in the summer you're supposed to wear shorts. That’s why we came up with this collection of summer suits.

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Become a summer style icon
Becoming a summer style icon should not be that hard this year as we got 15 awesome designs in our short sleeved suit collection. As guess what? We already put the complete outfit in one box for you. Our short suits come in a box complete with a short sleeved jacket, shorts, and a tie, and they’re perfect for making you look truly tropical at your favorite pool- or beach party. Wearing a short suit not only makes you look amazing, but it's one of the only ways that you can look nonchalant and somewhat professional at the same time. Pick your favorite color or pattern, get off your phone, and enjoy the sunshine in a summer suit.

No matter the occasion, we got your back!
Whether you are planning to go to a festival, beach-, pool- or bachelor party, it is always a great idea to wear a crazy short sleeved suit. Our tropical themed suits such as the Flaminguy, Shineapple, Tropicool and the Juicy Jungle would be a great success at a Hawaii or tropical theme party.