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We at OppoSuits have taken the Christmas suit game to a whole new level with this collection of ugly Christmas sweater suits. It’s the most wonderful time of the year where we could all use a little more fun in our formal wear — and what’s more fun than Christmas suits?

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The most wonderful time of the year calls for the most wonderful outfit of the year, and unless you plan to look like raggedy Santa, we’re not talking about growing a beard and wearing a white fur lined robe. Instead we’d like to introduce you to the possibility of a sleeker and more debonair option for this holiday: our selection of men’s Christmas suits. This collection of festive ensembles is sure to add cheer to any holiday party or gathering. Surprise your friends and family with the suit of a lifetime that you’ll want to wear again and again.

We must warn you, with great suits comes great responsibility and these Christmas suits for men are at the height of holiday fashion. You may feel sudden urges to cover everything in gift wrap, your mother included. You may inexplicably crave milk and cookies STAT, you may feel the need to start training reindeer, to even throw out your razor… alright we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What we’re saying is that these Christmas suits will truly put on in the spirit of the holidays and help you make the best of it whether you’re stuck at the office Christmas party or are spending the night out with friends.

Every one of our Christmas suits is tailor made to fit the wearer and holiday, but no suit can out-Christmas the ugly Christmas suit. You remember throwing on your ugly Christmas sweater every year, you remember ripping the sleeve, getting juice all over the collar, even shrinking it in the wash but still wearing it. We haven’t forgotten the importance of a good ugly Christmas sweater either and knew it would be the perfect addition to our men’s Christmas suits collection. So, grow up, but also stay young in the ode to your youth outfit, or otherwise known as, the OppoSuits ugly Christmas suit.

Our primary focus when creating these suits is to guarantee the wearer feels utmost comfort and confidence when they purchase one of our suits. From every button to lapel fold, out suits are designed and built up with the customer in mind. With quality designs and quality fabrics, this suit will see you through the wear and tear of everything from a wild night at the pub to a dinner at home with family (let’s not underestimate how volatile those dinners can get). And if you decide to wear one of our ugly Christmas suits on Easter, we will not only salute you, but we applaud your dedication to pioneering the styles of the future with a plaque (or maybe not – that was an empty promise).

Let’s highlight some of our favorite designs:

Quilty Pleasure: You want a suit that’s at once formal but also reminds you of your youth. Your childhood Christmases were all about sitting by the fire, warming up with a cup of cocoa, and wrapping yourself in the quilt your grandma knit for you ages ago. Feel the same comfort you did in that blanket as you do now in one of our crazy Christmas outfits.

Starry Side: If our Festive Force suits is too over the top for you, go with something a little more understated but just as nerdy. We know you love the crossover been your favorite movies and your favourite holiday, so may the force be with you this Christmas when you slip into this outrageous outfit. And who knows, maybe you’ll wear it to the next movie premiere.