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St. Paddy's

We all know what it means to find on a good blazer. You slowly pull it on, music starts playing from the heavens, the camera does a 360 pan of the effortless shrugging motion as the sleeves flatten out over your arms and the shoulder pads don’t make you look like an American football player. You’ll probably do a quick strut around the tiny dressing-room, and then bust out of the stall, strike a ridiculous pose, and then have your mom clap because you’ve been looking for an appropriate dinner jacket for the better part of this week. And you wear the hell out of it, every wedding, dinner, date, meeting in your schedule is covered by the magic ability of that jacket. But Christmas is coming around and as you release the holy jacket from its coveted spot at the end of your closet something horrific dawns upon you: you’re down-right bored of it. This black, maybe navy, sometimes grey blazer works for business meetings but put it on to greet the holidays, and you’re a drab dinner-party-goer. It’s for this exact reason that at OppoSuits we’re put a festive spin on what you’ve always thought of as a corporate accessory: a crazy Christmas suit jacket.

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This suit was born out of the need to go casual sometimes. How awkward would it be to arrive at your office party decked in an entire Christmas suit after only having worked there a month? They don’t know how crazy you are, and you can’t show it yet. Therefore, you’re going to shrug on one of our coveted Christmas jackets to give them a preview of what’s to come. Our men’s Christmas blazers are at the height of holiday fashion and comfortable apparel. Every square inch of fabric, fit, and pattern of these Christmas suit jackets were meticulously planned and formulated for the ultimate wearers experience. Take “The Roudolf” for example, this red and blue Christmas blazer goes perfectly with suit pants, jean pants, khaki pants, and no pants. And the versatility to wear with it what you want, and not be bound by the matching tie and slacks, is what truly makes this product outstanding.

We thought of some of the most opportune places to wear these Christmas suit jackets so you don’t have to work over-time proving that you truly love the holidays:

  1. To go Christmas shopping: Nothing says getting a head start on Christmas than wearing one of our men’s Christmas jackets before the holiday even begins.

  2. To your family Christmas dinner: Let’s be real, when you’re sitting around the table with your family it’s not always the most elegant affair. Jimmy is throwing pashed potatoes as John and Sally is creating a Christmas tree out of steamed broccoli, while Sara starts decorating the actual Christmas tree with steamed broccoli. But that doesn’t mean you should show up in sweatpants and throw the baby out with the bathwater. Put a little effort into your holiday attire, even if you won’t be hitting on girls in your own dining room, by wearing one of our festive Christmas jackets.

  3. To your friend’s holiday party: Yes, the might may end in tears because someone is going to break someone’s heart with a terrible Secret Santa gift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to the nines. And while you may decide to wear flip-flops because you honestly can’t be bothered on Christmas, make sure your torso is looking extra festive in one of our Christmas suit jackets.

  4. To the second coming: Jesus is supposed to come back someday, or at least that’s what we’re told, so when he does make sure to great the holy fellow in one of our Christmas jackets to make the best first impression.