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St. Paddy's

At OppoSuits we know we’ve already mastered the art of the crazy suit. But with attention to detail and design we’ve come up with the perfect recipe to help you add a level of festivity to every outfit with a crazy blazer.

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Not every occasion calls for an entire crazy suit. Take this scenario for example. You started working at a new company on December 20th, only five days away from Christmas. Because you’re an employee who’s trying to make a good impression (and maybe a few friends along the way), you’re more than happy to oblige when they invite you to the company Christmas party. The problem is that you’re a die-hard Christmas fan. You took out a second mortgage on your house just so you could finance your outdoor decorations. But you don’t want to bombard your new co-workers with your undying passion for the most wonderful time of the year, so you opt to simply wear a crazy Christmas blazer, not the entire suit. And trust us, you’re going to be a big hit at this Christmas party. Chances are that people will be so enamored by your blazer that it’ll be the conversation starter that makes you the most popular employee in the company. Little do they know that next year you’re going to pull out the big guns and wow them with a seven-foot Christmas suit you build to show your devotion to the holiday. We’ll see how that goes.

To prove to you the versatility out line of blazers brings to your wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of all the places you could potentially wear it to:

  1. A first date: Nothing says getting to know someone quite like wearing your heart on your sleeve, and if your heart is all about that Christmas spirit, you’ve got to wear one of our festive Christmas blazers.

  2. To walk your dog: If we’re going to go along with the theory that the street is your runway then you’d better be busting out one of our blazers for men when you do something as mundane as taking your dog for a walk!

  3. When your sister gives birth: nothing says making a first good impression by dressing to the nines, so if you want your new niece or nephew to really take a liking to you, get their attention with the crazy colors and designs of our blazers for men.