When it comes to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, we all know your outfit needs to be as wonderful as the season. So, why do we resort to pressed slacks and boring jumpers year after year while attending family Christmas dinners, or our drab office parties? Perhaps it’s time to kick it up a notch with a spectacular Christmas party outfit from OppoSuits. Say goodbye to that ugly Christmas sweater you wore six years in a row, or that god-awful Santa costume. Get yourself button up into something a little more debonair, a little more stylish, a little more festive, and a little more fun when you decide on an OppoSuits Christmas party outfit this season.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Multicolour
  5. Red
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  1. Men 21
  2. Women 9
  3. Teen boys 6
  4. Boys 6
Size Boys Suit:
  1. 2Y 6
  2. 4Y 6
  3. 6Y 6
  4. 8Y 6
  5. 10Y 6
  6. 12Y 6
  7. 14Y 6
  8. 16Y 6
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Size Men's Suit:
  1. UK36 21
  2. UK38 21
  3. UK40 21
  4. UK42 20
  5. UK44 21
  6. UK46 21
  7. UK48 21
  8. UK50 21
  9. UK52 21
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Size Women's Suit:
  1. UK08 9
  2. UK10 9
  3. UK12 9
  4. UK14 9
  5. UK16 9
  6. UK18 9
  7. UK20 9
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With the best fit and the most festive design, you’ll strike a handsome figure in one of our premium Christmas party outfits. We treat each suit with the utmost care and precision with an eye toward fit, fabric, and comfort, keeping the customer in mind every step of the way. This isn’t your grandpa’s stuffy three piece (though you’re more than welcome to steal the velvet bowtie off of that). Our suits traverse the idea of formal and marry it with the importance of fun because taking yourself too seriously is never the answer, especially during Christmas. From the jacket to the pants, this Christmas outfit is sure to wow whether you’re up in that sleigh delivering those presents, or tucked away in bed watching Home Alone. Whatever you plan to do this holiday do it in style with one of OppoSuit’s extreme Christmas party outfits.

Let’s highlight some of our favorite men’s Christmas party outfits:

The Rudolph: You want to put a chic spin on a classic Christmas party outfit with an ugly Christmas sweater suit. But let’s not offend your grandma because she’s been religiously knitting you Christmas sweaters since you were seven years old. Too bad she only knows how to knit solid colors, so the front of every sweater is blue and the back is white… and then you had to explain to her that you don’t celebrate Hanukkah, Skip the hassle of holiday color mix-ups with The Rudolph, a classy Christmas party outfit.

Festive Force: Did you just start singing the Star Wars theme song in your head because this is what Festive Force is about, a Star Wars Christmas. We’re not telling you to go all out, but go ahead and wear the suit, hum the jingles, maybe even buy presents with a Star Wars theme. No matter how you dress it up this Christmas outfit will put a festive spin on your cinema favorites.